The AILIMA Publication list includes scientific geothermal papers presented during geothermal conferences and events
AILIMA Publication in 46th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering

"JIWA Flow: A Cloud Computing Wellbore Simulator"

by Welly Prabata, Jantiur Situmorang, Thomson Nainggolan

"JIWA T.o.R: Estimation of Geothermal Top of Reservoir Uncertainties in the Exploration Drilling"

by Muhammad Sidqi, Jantiur Situmorang, Muchamad Harry, Thomson Nainggolan

"A New Machine Learning Algorithm for Production Well Analysis"

by Muchamad Harry, Jantiur Situmorang, Welly Prabata

"A Numerical Study for Determining Lateral Thermal Gradient Based on Reservoir Properties"

by Aburiza Akhmad, Budiman Dwi Putra, Mutiara Melanie Sihombing, Salsabila Tantri Ayu, Theresia Yolanda

"The Review of Worldwide Geothermal Top of Reservoir with JIWA T.o.R"

by Muhammad Fahran Fauzan Tandipanga, Annisa’ Amalia, Chelsea Castro, Muhammad Sidqi, Jantiur Situmorang

"Comparative Study of Decline Curve Prediction in Geothermal Injection Well Using Machine Learning and Wellbore Simulator"

by Muchamad Harry, Aditya Wahyudi, Midat Al-Islam, Nada Afra, Jantiur Situmorang

"Techno-economic Analysis in Developing Low to Intermediate Temperature Geothermal System in the Eastern Region of Indonesia"

by Nevi Winova, Jessica Stephani, Jantiur Situmorang, Muchamad Harry