Analytics tool in JIWA System to estimate the uncertainties of Top of Reservoir (T.O.R) in the exploration stage.

JIWA T.o.R is one of the analytics tools that provided in JIWA System. This user- friendly dashboard is aimed as a media for geophysicists, geochemists, geologists, and reservoir engineers to collaboratively estimate the Top of Reservoir (T.o.R) prior to exploration drilling. Since there is no drilled well yet, hence the T.o.R estimate is commonly defined from the base of low resistivity anomaly (base of conductive). Reservoir fluid parameters is used as supporting evidence to constrain the T.o.R uncertainties.

In JIWA, the aforementioned are integrated into probabilistic estimation using Monte Carlo simulations. Why is T.o.R important? During drilling, the surface to reservoir section will be isolated by cemented casing to protect the wellbore and the geothermal fluid while being produced from the reservoir. Since mud and casing cost shall be anticipated by the drilling engineer in advance, hence T.o.R estimate from the subsurface team is required.

This is crucial information because the consequence of shallower or deeper production casing shoe setting could impact the production performance and lifetime of the well. If it’s set too low, there is a risk of low temperatures or unsuitable chemistry fluids inflow. While if it’s too deep, the risk of having a poor cement job and losing potential commercial zones will increase. So, a good understanding on T.o.R uncertainties will help the process of making key decision in drilling plan and execution. JIWA T.o.R also offer quick and easy reporting methods, with user- friendly and dynamic features in the output form.

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