JIWA Power Density

Analytics tool in JIWA System to estimate geothermal resources in early exploration stage.

JIWA Power Density is one of the analytics tools that provided in JIWA System. This user-friendly dashboard is aimed as a media for geophysicists, geochemists, geologists, and reservoir engineers to collaboratively estimate the resources capacity of a geothermal prospect. The ideal approach is by using a 3D numerical reservoir model and combined with wellbore models and integrated geoscientific data. However, in the exploration and early development stages, these data and models may not be available. Inevitably, geothermal professionals invoke power density for first-order estimates of resources capacity, usually expressed in terms of MW/km2 (Wilmarth & Stimac, 2014).

The correlation of power density with reservoir temperature was firstly postulated by Grant (2000). Moreover, it was suggested to be coupled with analogue fields based on reservoir temperature and production characteristics (Atkinson, 2012). The efforts in improving this technique was continued by many scientists and engineers, namely Sarmiento and Björnsson (2007), Benoit (2013) and Wilmarth, et al. (2014, 2015, 2020). Please refer to their papers for detail elaboration.

In JIWA Power Density, this approach is adopted and put to be more accessible by enabling various Monte Carlo probabilistic distribution type, namely rectangular, triangular, normal, log-normal (suggested by Wilmarth & Stimac, 2014), and discrete. JIWA Power Density also offer quick and easy reporting methods, with user-friendly and dynamic features in the output form.

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