JIWA Volumetric

Reserves estimation tool in JIWA System.

At early stages of geothermal development, resources capacity can be quantified using Volumetric Stored Heat method. The method estimates potential generated amount of power for a period (e.g. 30 years) based on recoverable energy stored in the reservoir and surface conversion efficiency. Extractable stored heat in the reservoir is estimated from thermal energy in-the rock and the fluid in specified reservoir volume, reservoir temperature, and reference or final temperature. The method incorporates Monte Carlo Simulation to be able to quantify the uncertainty of estimates of the geothermal resources and therefore better understand the risks and opportunities associated with resources capacity.

Volumetric stored heat method is firstly described by Muffler (1977, 1978), and Muffler and Cataldi (1978). The method was reviewed and improved by many practitioners, including Garg (2010), Grant and Bixley (2011), and Onur et al., 2010. Please refer to their publications for detail elaboration.

In JIWA System, this method is implemented as JIWA Volumetric, an analytic tool for quick input, process, and integrate various reservoir parameters and other parameters to estimate the potential field resources (MW). Utilizing Monte Carlo simulation, the uncertainty of geothermal resources is quantified to support the decision making. JIWA Volumetric also offer quick and easy reporting methods, with user-friendly and dynamic features in the output form.

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