The epitome in our integrated geothermal software using cloud computing system

Business is Changing, and AI is Inevitable

The energy industry, including geothermal is now facing development challenges related to lack of worker’s collaboration and hours of manual field data processing (accessing and searching) that can cause 70% of overtime and 60% of overbudget during the whole project. AI (Artificial Intelligence), a well known human intelligence simulation process aided by machines, will help the industry provide better productivity by boosting analytic and decision making abilities for better efficiency and effectiveness.


JIWA, derived from Bahasa Indonesia which means soul, is the epitome in our integrated geothermal software that use cloud computing system. It is aimed to benefit geothermal projects in 4 spectra: time, accuracy, system, and server.

JIWA has three main process: to manage, to integrate, and to forecast data for better asset management through seamless collaboration. By integrating data to JIWA Dbase, we ensure accessibly, secured, and interconnected information. Those databases will be managed and processed by user management and analytics function, and then data will be incorporated into Machine Learning and Streaming Analytics.

Our Technology

JIWA  Analytics 

Collaborative media for geophysicists, geochemists, geologists, and reservoir engineers resulted in clear and robust analysis on geothermal resources estimation and possible drilling risk during geothermal exploration. Our solution including JIWA T.o.R, JIWA Power Density and JIWA Volumetric.

JIWA  Modeling 

Powerful modeling web app embedded with artificial intelligence system to perform detailed wellbore analysis and wellbore behavior to achieve operational excellence: lower risks, optimized cost, and higher revenue in exploration and operation stage. Our solution including JIWA Flow and JIWA History Matching.

JIWA  Machine Learning 

Real-time monitoring on reservoir and surface facility performances using artificial intelligence with machine learning solutions. Achieve operational process optimization within our products: JIWA GenEWS and JIWA GARUDA.

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