“We are amused by the fear and excitement while pushing the boundary to envision the future.”
Jantiur Situmorang
Founder / CEO
What We Do

We have been providing technical consultancy throughout geothermal project development stages from exploration to operation for numerous respected geothermal companies.

The transformation of the nature of work in the energy industry is inevitable. Therefore, AILIMA is committed to support the business growth of our clients by reducing uncertainty, managing risk and promoting optimization through integrated systems and automated artificial intelligence.

The increase of renewable energy’s contribution to support world energy demand requires continuous technology and people development. Hence, AILIMA is focused on bringing our high quality innovation to be more accessible to students, industry practitioners and stakeholders.

Our Vision

Continuously turning novel ideas into reality through five solutions.

Experience – Creativity – Agility – Artificial Intelligence – Leading

Our Mision
To boost the profitability and capacity building of our clients through our technology, technical consultancy, training and continuous innovation.
Meet the Team

Chief Executive Officer

Master in Geothermal Engineering, ITB

Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering, ITB

Geothermal Field Evaluation in Exploration and Development Stages, Resourse Due Delligence, Naturally Fractured Geothermal Reservoir Simulation, Field Optimisation, Reservoir Management, Drilling Strategy and Well Targeting, Geothermal Technology/Softwares Development.


Jantiur has 15 years of experience in the Geothermal. He has involved in numerous geothermal development projects in Indonesia and New Zealand.

In his previous experience as reservoir engineer and subsurface consultant, Jantiur has worked for several big geothermal companies and development bank, including Chevron, Star Energy, Supreme Energy, Mercury, Medco Power Indonesia, Asian Development Bank.

Development stage for fields: Kawerau, Kamojang, Darajat, Salak, Wayang Windu, Dieng, Patuha. Namora I Langit, Silangkitan.

Exploration stage for fields: Muara Laboh, Rantau Dadap, Raja Basa, Tulehu, Ijen.

Jantiur has Expertise in naturally fractured geothermal reservoir modeling from conceptual modeling, model construction & calibration, forecast/reserves estimation, and reservoir optimization/management. Jantiur has applied reservoir modelling for geothermal development due diligence, resource assessment, resource management and field optimization:

  • Involved in the development of Kamojang (200 MW) for due diligence of Kamojang Unit V 60 MWe (Single Flash)
  • Developed Darajat (260 MW) reservoir model and probabilistic reservoir modeling workflow for due diligence of Darajat-unit IV 55 MWe (Single Flash). Applied reservoir model for long-term reservoir optimization through reinjection management and Turbine Inlet Pressure modification.
  • Provided technical assistance for the development of Wayang Windu (220 MW) reservoir model.
  • Developed Muara Laboh 80 MWe numerical model to support due diligence of Muara Laboh Unit I-80 MWe (Dual Flash).
  • Updated the Muara Laboh numerical model for resource review and field expansion after development drilling of Muara Laboh field.
  • Provided reservoir modeling technical assistance to support GeoDipa for due diligence of Dieng Unit II (55 MWe) development using Combined Cycle process.
  • Under ADB, provided reservoir modeling technical assistance for due diligence of Patuha Unit II (55 MWe) development.
  • Performed reservoir proses modeling to assess reservoir processes and characteristics including: well connectivity, recharge mechanism, interference effect, flashing development, cooling, well coughing, etc.

Feasibility study and Plan of Development for: Muara Laboh Unit I 80 MWe, Dieng Unit II 55 MWe, Patuha Unit II 55 MWe, Tulehu.

Managed field operation to optimize the value of field assets, Managed steam supply and injection supply to ensure full power generation, Design geothermal surveillance: well testing: completion tests, pressure transient tests, interference tests, discharge initiation, production tests, Well targeting during exploration, development, and exploitation drilling.

Selected Publications:

  • Numerical Simulation Update of Dieng Geothermal Field, Central Java, Indonesia (New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, 2019)
  • Conceptual Model an Numerical Simulation Update of Patuha Geothermal Field West Java, Indonesia (New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, 2019)
  • Numerical Simulation to Understand Well Coughing Mechanism in Kawerau Field, New Zealand (Stanford Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, 2018)
  • A Reservoir Simulation of the Muara Laboh Field, Indonesia (Stanford Workshop on
    Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, 2016)
  • Modeling and Investigation of Static Formation Temperature Test (SFTT) Using Numerical
  • Simulation (New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, 2016)
    Two-phase flow: Evaluation of void fraction correlations to modeling pressure drop in geothermal wells (IIGCE, 2016)
  • A Comprehensive Well Testing Implementation During Exploration Phase in Rantau Dedap, Indonesia. (Stanford Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, 2016)
  • Geothermal Wells Discharge Initiation using Air Lift and Air Compression: Case Study With and Without Down-flow in the Wellbore (Proceedings 36th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, 2014)
  • Well Characteristic in Great Sumatera Fault (GSF): New Finding (2nd ITB Geothermal Workshop, 2013)
  • Evaluation of Weirs Calculation to Estimate Well Capacity: a Numerical Study (IIGC, 2013)
  • Production Decline Analysis of Dry Steam Wells in Wayang Windu Field (Stanford Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, 2013)
  • The Interpretation of Liquid Column Presence inside Wellbore of Dry Steam Well in Vapor Dominated Reservoir (Stanford Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, 2012)
  • An Analytical Approach to Determine the Effect of Geothermal Well Configuration on Production Decline of Dry Steam Field (1st ITB Geothermal Workshop, 2012)
  • Development of Dimensionless IPR Equation in “X” Geothermal Field. (Annual Indonesian Geothermal Association Meeting and Conference, 2011)
  • Validation Test of Jorge Acuna Method to Calculate Production Decline in Several Dry Steam Wells. (Annual Indonesian Geothermal Association Meeting and Conference, 2011)
  • A Simple Equation to Calculate Reservoir Pressure of Dry Steam Well from Shut-in WHP (Annual Indonesian Geothermal Association Meeting and Conference, 2011)
  • Analysis of PTS Survey in Dry Steam Well (Annual Indonesian Geothermal Association Meeting
    and Conference, 2011)

Chief Business Officer

Master in Energy, The University of Auckland

Bachelor in Industrial Engineering, UI

Business Improvement, Business Strategy, Energy Economics, Energy Finance, Financial Modeling, Commercial Analyst, Marketing, Project Management, Operational Excellence, Drilling Fluid Engineering, Petroleum & Geothermal Drilling.


Jessica studied Industrial Engineering as her bachelor degree then mastered her knowledge in Renewable Energy as her postgraduate.  She has around 8 years experience up till 2020, mostly in the energy industry and technology-based startups. In the energy industry, she spent most of her tenure as a drilling fluid engineer and a short period of a commercial analyst in oil and gas service companies. During that moment, She acquired skills both for the technical and non-technical side including drilling fluid engineering, petroleum & geothermal drilling, project management, and commercial analysis. 

Project: Geothermal Drilling in Sarulla North Sumatra (Sarulla Operation Limited): 11 wells, Oil and Gas Drilling in Badak & Nilam Field (Vico, East Kalimantan): 4 wells, Workover Oil and Gas Drilling in Chevron Pacific Indonesia (Duri-Riau), LMP Lamongan East Java, LMP Tanjung Batu East Kalimantan.

Well problem: Kick, Steam Kick, Stuck Pipe, Hot Gas Charged of CO2 & H2S, reactive clay, Paleosoil, Partial Loss Circulation, Total Loss Circulation, hole stability.
Mud type: Oil Based Mud-Sodium Silicate, KCL Gel Polymer WBM, Gel Polymer WBM, Dispersed Mud, Aerated Mud, Workover Brine.

Afterward, she crossed the line in order to enhance her skill in business improvement, project management and marketing by working in two biggest startups in Indonesia as project manager for strategic marketing and operation. Along the journey, she found her vision to be committed to energy business in Indonesia and gained a scholarship from New Zealand Ministry to continue her study at the University of Auckland, majoring in Master of energy. Her focusses mostly on energy economics and business. Her final project is about the public-private partnership model on the geothermal project to accelerate energy development in Indonesia. While studying her postgraduate, she also served as a renewable energy consultant in an energy consulting firm in Auckland. With such a rich experience and knowledge related to the industry, Jessica possesses the ability to be a catalyst to support breakthrough in Indonesia's energy development.


Chief Technology Officer

Master in Geothermal Engineering, ITB

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, ITS


Reservoir Numerical Modeling, Field Development Plan, Data QA/QC, Process Evaluation and Optimization, Software Developer.


Welly has 4 years of experience as process engineer in FMCG industry and 3 years of experience as geothermal project consultant (specialization on reservoir and process engineer).

Development stage for fields: Dieng, Patuha, Talaga-Karaha Bodas.

Exploration stage for fields: Ijen, Bonjol.

Involved in several geothermal projects, such as:

  • Performed Feasibility Study and Plan Development of Dieng Unit 2 (55 MWe)
  • Developed Dieng reservoir model and sensitivity reservoir model for due diligence of Dieng-unit 2 55 MWe (Combined Cycle).
  • Involved in Application of UNFC to geothermal energy resource:  case study Ulumbu, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.
  • Involved in Plan of Approach for Small Scale Power Plant Project Development
  • Developed an application for performing pressure drop and heat loss calculation in surface pipe production
  • Developed JIWA Flow, a wellbore model application with cloud-based computation

Selected Publications

  • Numerical Simulation Update of Dieng Geothermal Field, Central Java, Indonesia (Proceedings New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, 2019)
  • Experimental Design and Response Surface Method Application in Resources Assessment: Case Study Karaha-Talaga Bodas, West Java, Indonesia (Proceedings New Zealand Geothermal Workshop, 2017)
  • The Development Study of Karaha-Talaga Bodas Geothermal Field Using Numerical Simulation (Geothermal Energy: Science, Society, and Technology

Chief Financial Officer

Bachelor in Accounting and Finance


Legal Advisor

BSosc (Hons) in Politcs & IR, The University of Manchester

LLB (Hon) in Law, The College of Law

GraDip in Law & LPC, The College of Law

Legal Manager with a Demonstrated History of Working in Various Industries Including Start-Up Company, Financial Technology (fintech) and Technology Company. Strong Knowledge in Payment Gateway, Financial Technology (Fintech), Bank Indonesia Regulation. Skilled in Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Employment Law.


Jessica studied politics and international relations at the University of Manchester and continued her study at the College of Law, Manchester. She has various experience of working both in corporate and commercial work. For the last two years, Jessica has been working in the technology-based start-up in Indonesia.


Lead Subsurface & Engineering

Bachelor in Geological Engineering, UGM


Geothermal Database Management, Data QA/QC and Analytics, Conceptual Model Development, Resource Assessment, Geothermal Geochemistry, Geological Mapping, Software Development, Online Learning Development, Project Management.


Sidqi is a geoscientist/ geothermal geochemist & geologist, specialized in database management and analytics with 5 years of work experience, mostly in the geothermal industry. Along the way, he has involved in several projects, from subsurface technical evaluation, field data acquisition, geoscience laboratory analysis, to cross-functional projects, such as cloud software development, online learning platform and content development, and various non-technical projects related to geothermal energy. Currently, Sidqi is developing innovative solutions in AILIMA for geothermal community.

Development stage for fields: Lahendong - Tompaso.

Exploration stage for fields: Ijen, Candradimuka, Endut, Ciremai.

  • Develop JIWA DBase, a cloud database application for geothermal subsurface & engineering data management and analytics.
  • Peer review, resource assessment, and well targeting of Endut and Ciremai Geothermal Field.
  • Exploration well geochemical analysis of Ijen Geothermal Field.
  • Permeability analysis of Candradimuka Geothermal Field.
  • Conceptual model evaluation of Lahendong - Tompaso Geothermal Field.
  • Worldwide review of geothermal top of reservoir.
  • Develop JIWA Learning, geothermal and technology online learning platform .
  • Involved in several non-technical projects related to geothermal energy such as, online learning events and content creation, social-tourism mapping, development of hot spring facility, revitalization of Geothermal Education Centre, developed geothermal practical work for undergraduate student and syllabus for high school students.
Selected Publications:
  • Geothermal Prospect in Lahendong Geothermal Field of Tomohon – Minahasa Volcanic Terrain (TMVT), North Sulawesi, Indonesia (WGC, 2020+1).
  • JIWA T.o.R: Estimation of Geothermal Top of Reservoir Uncertainties in the Exploration Drilling (Stanford, 2021).
  • The Review of Worldwide Geothermal Top of Reservoir with JIWA T.o.R (Stanford, 2021).
  • Geology and Geothermal Systems of the Minahasa District, North Sulawesi (IIGCE, 2018).
  • Contrasting Geology of Sumatra and Banda – Molucca Seas Geothermal Prospects: A Remote Sensing Approach (IIGCE, 2017).

Senior AI Engineer

Bachelor in Mathematics, ITB


Developing Mathematical Model and Numerical Simulation for Many Problems. Proficient in Linear Algebra, Computational Mathematics, Differential Equations, Numerical Methods, Optimization Methods, Mathematics Cryptography, Stochastic Processes and Neural Networks. Doing Machine Learning Implementation for Geothermal Production Wells in my thesis.

  • Coordinator assistant and grader for Simulation and Mathematical Computation.
  • Assistant laboratory for Numerical methods in Mathematics.
  • Project officer of Mathematical Challenge Festival ITB 2019.
Projects :
  • 2020 : Gradientless Neural Network for Geothermal Production Well Evaluation and Early Warning System.
  • 2019 : Determination of Optimal Location for Disaster Mitigation Facilities in Banten
  • 2019 : Modified Linear Programming Optimization of Aerial Disaster Response System
  • 2017 : Analysis of the Linkage of Installed Capacity of Power Plants to the Quantity of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia
Awards :
  • Runner Up of Indonesian Flying Robot Contest (KRTI) 2018 Fixed Wing Division
  • Awardee of Mathematics Dean’s List in Academic Performance
Programming Language :
Python, MATLAB, C++

IT Creative Engineer

Bachelor in Multimedia and IT, UMHT


Graphic Design, Web Developer.

Hendry is a graphic designer. He is really enthusiastic about design, photography, and video editing. After graduating from his bachelor’s degree he poured his creative ideas working as a freelancer to help clients designing logos and posts for e-commerce purposes. He has vast experience managing social media platforms for several e-commerces and developing web design architecture for a company. He is really keen to brainstorm and transform creative ideas and concepts into high-quality key visuals. Now he currently serves as IT Creative Engineer at AILIMA to develop web design, key visual media, and all related design collateral.
  • Develop online visual communication content including video, banner, and web design at the expedition company.
  • Managing Social Media for e-commerce companies
  • Designing and building the interface, navigation, and architecture of websites for businesses and clients
  • Create all marketing design collaterals 
Application Skill:
CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effect, Microsoft Office.

Supervisor Business Development


Business Strategist

Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering, ITB

Managament Evaluations, Energy Economics, Reservoir Modelling, Well Testing and Market Analysis.


Mutiara Melanie Sihombing is a final year undergraduate student from Bandung Institute of Technology, majoring in Petroleum Engineering. Her areas of expertise include Project Managament Evaluations, Energy Economics, Reservoir Modelling, Well Testing and Market Analysis. She had her internship at PERTAMINA EP as a Reservoir Engineer. She was assigned as a Project Manager of Surface Facilities Installation (a final task of Project Management course). She is currently working at AILIMA as a Business Strategist.


  1. Internship in Pertamina EP Asset 3. She conducted a well testing analysis of XX Field in Randegan using Saphir.(June 2019-July 2019)
  2. Project Manager of Surface Facilities Installation for Project Management course final task. Her group was chosen as the best group. (January 2020-May 2020)
  3. Business Strategist at AILIMA. (Now)


Microsoft Project, CMG, Saphir, Pipesim, PETREL.


Junior Reservoir Engineer

Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering, ITB

Project Management, Event Organizer, Event Planning, Production Engineering, Surface Facilities.


BUDIMAN DWI PUTRA. A Jr. Reservoir Engineer at AILIMA. I am specialized in wellbore modeling using JIWA Flow which covers a broad spectrum of technical tasks, from simulating a wellbore simulation and analyzing the results for well evaluation both in development stage and exploration stage. During my professional activity, I have been involved in some field projects in Muara Laboh, Patuha, Dieng and Rantau Dedap. Working in the energy transition era brings great challenges, though it has given me immense opportunity to learn more on various domains/subjects (i.e. geothermal, digitalization initiatives) to contribute to a better energy future.


Professional Experience

  • AILIMA - Jakarta, Indonesia Jr. Reservoir Engineer. Performing comprehensive assessment of injection fluid and wellbore modelling. Running wellbore Simulation using AILIMA reservoir engineering tools. Supporting technical assistance in reservoir engineering and wellbore simulation.
  • AILIMA - Jakarta, Indonesia Business Strategist. Conducted market analysis, business and social media planning. Leading several projects to support business and company growth (for example trainings and webinars).
  • Petroleum Engineering ITB - Bandung, Indonesia Laboratory Assistant. Held practicum test both for preliminary and evaluation test during practicum. Material explanation and practicum induction.Guided and supervised the student of practicum until the practicum ends.
  • Pertamina Hulu Energi Jambi Merang - Jakarta, Indonesia Production Engineer Intern. Piping design in gas well using flow modelling. Surface facility design in gas well production. Flow modelling in retrograde gas well in Jambi Merang field.



Institut Teknologi Bandung - Bandung, Indonesia Bachelor Degree in Petroleum Engineering, 3.51/4.00. Thesis: "Maximum Efficiency Rate (MER) Application in Determining Optimal Production Rate in Oil Field"


Leadership & Co-curricular Activities and Publication

  • PEM Akamigas Cepu with theme “Introduction to Wellbore Simulation” as Guest Lecture. Conducted by IATMI STEM Akamigas Cepu
  • Nasional Webinar “Geothermal Energy Prospects for Indonesia’s Golden Generation 2045” as Speaker. Conducted by SRE POLINES
  • JIWA Flow Training for PT. Geodipa Energy as Trainer. Conducted by AILIMA
  • SPE ITB SC as Director of Internal Department. Controlling three divisions which are Internal Affair, Human Resources, and Quality Control.


Project Experiences and Publication

  • Muara Laboh Well Characterization (2021): Running Wellbore Simulation using JIWA Flow.
  • Dieng and Patuha Well Ranking (2021): Well Ranking based on Wellbore Simulation results using JIWA Flow.
  • Publication (2021): A Numerical Study for Determining Geothermal Gradient Based on Reservoir Properties, was published on Stanford Geothermal Workshop 2021

Online Marketing Specialist

Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering, ITB

Wellbore Simulation, Well Testing, Reservoir Modelling, Marketing, Graphic Design


Junior Geophysicist


Junior Geologist

B.Sc, Geology, Math & Science Faculty, UI

Online Learning Specialist, Video Content Development, Project Management, Geothermal Geoscience


Alza received his B.Sc in Geology, University of Indonesia. He generates planning and organizational skills in projects undertaken, through the ability to communicate at all levels by giving others clear direction and leadership.Possesses experience in geothermal geoscience research, public speaking, scientific/creative writing, and online learning/training development.

Professional Experience:

  • Conducted geothermal geochemistry & geology research for Kawah Domas, Gunung Pancar, Ciseeng, Cisolok, Gunung Lawu, & Kawah Ratu Geothermal Field.
  • Leading manage dan operate geothermal, engineering, dan technology e-learning platforms;
  • Collaborated with 10+ geothermal practitioners, academic & for online course development;
  • Doing partnership with community/ institutions which focuses in geoscience,  engineering, & technology learning platform for marketing/course development;
  • Supported online marketing team to plan course sales marketing strategy & content development;

Final Project:

  • Studi Hidrogeokimia Lapangan Panas Bumi Gunung Lawu, Jawa Tengah

Publication : 

  • Hydrogeochemical Model of Ciseeng Geothermal Field, Bogor, West Java. (IOP Conference Science: Earth Enivronmetal & Science, 2020)
  • Geothermal Energy as an Alternative Source for Indonesia Energy Security: The Prospects and Challenges (Journal of Strategic and Global Studies, 2020)




Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer


E-Learning Project Officer