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Are you really curious about how and what is the right method of calculating resource capacity? Then how is the application in the geothermal industry?


What is the purpose of designing a well? How does wellbore simulation work? And how does it affect the decision-making process?


Geothermal risk and financing is very high, especially at the exploration stage. Many factors require calculations and even qualified technology, for example determining the Top of Reservoir (T.o.R).


We will discuss step-by-step in obtaining, managing, and visualizing data on the energy industry so that it can be used as a basis for making strategic decisions going forward.


Let's have a useful discussion about what you should know about funding in the renewable energy industry!


We will re-discuss work opportunities in the energy industry, especially “Advancing your career abroad: What should you do?”.


Want a career in the energy industry, but confused about what main skills you should have? Or for those of you who are not in their field or changing careers, asking if there are career opportunities in the energy industry?


What are the challenges of geothermal energy development from regulation and economic perspective?


Building Momentum for Geothermal Industry: Energy Transition & Green Job Opportunities.

WEBCAST #3 & #4

What is high relief (volcanic associated) and low relief (rifting associated) geothermal system? What is steam dominated and liquid dominated geothermal system?


Direct use involves using geothermal heat directly for such purposes as heating buildings, industrial processes, domestic heating, greenhouses, aquaculture, public baths and pools. Willing to know more?


We are excited to reveal our very first AILIMA Sharing and Connect Webcast – Revolutionizing Energy Industry: Energy Start-Ups and Technology Disruption in Indonesia.