Unlocking your new skill in Geothermal Energy with Artificial Intelligence

 What  is it?

JIWANTARA is AILIMA’s first official launching of JIWA System technology and  TARA Training to enhance the understanding of geothermal fundamentals in a more practical way through AILIMA’s cloud-based Artificial Intelligence technology.

JIWA System

First integrated geothermal software in cloud computing system.

TARA Training

Innovative and comprehensive training in geothermal fundamental using JIWA System.

 JIWANTARA  Registration

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What  Do You Get? 

Special Benefit

  • Certificate
  • Interactive Live Training Class (per Module)
  • Interactive AILIMA Technology Demo
  • Training Record and Pre-Read References
  • Pre-Test and Post-Test


  • JIWA Flow
  • JIWA Power Density
  • JIWA T.o.R
  • JIWA Volumetric


  • Module 1: Reducing Geothermal Drilling Risk with JIWA T.o.R (Introduction)
  • Module 2: Geothermal Resource Assessment with JIWA Volumetric and JIWA Power Density (Introduction)
  • Module 3: Geothermal Well Capacity and Wellbore Simulation with JIWA Flow (Introduction)

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